Snack n' Chat


With October finished we have just had our second monthly Snack n' Chat! This is a new opportunity at the high school and on the last Tuesday of each month up to twenty students can voluntarily join us for conversation. It is a great chance for students to get to know administration through conversation of their choice. On October 30th, Mrs. Singh, Mr. Symonds and Mrs. Boyd were joined by an energetic group of grade 11 and 12 students for a half hour of conversation. This month we chatted about those who influence us, student responsibility for reporting inappropriate school activities, value of teacher-student connection, how to be a socially inclusive school and of personal technology in the classroom.

On the topic of influence....
- my mom, definitely my mom
- my sister, she is someone I can always ask questions of
- my religion
- social media

On the topic of student responsibility for reporting inappropriate school activities...
- students may not realize that they have a responsibility to let someone know
- students worry about telling

On the topic of teacher - student connection...
- the strength of our community starts with the relationship between teacher and student...and it needs to be
stronger...students need a connection with at least one teacher
- it is two sided, teachers need to look for connection and so do students
- asking your teacher questions can lead to getting to know your teacher, I do this daily in Bio class
- Edsby is an opportunity to ask questions too

On the topic of being a socially inclusive school...
- How can we advertise events so more than 40% of students will come out?
- Some events can be stressful for a student when they are mandated and you feel you are not with your friends.
- Some times group of students with very high energy and actions cause other students to not want to join in.

On the topic of student technology in class...
- Technology use connects to is useful and should not be dismissed...but some need limits
- It is frustrating when our teachers care so much and students are distracted by their phones.
- Personal tech use during times of instruction should be non- negotiable...sometimes during independent work though
you need a few minutes to check out with your tech

Today's chat had much insight and wisdom! Join us next month on November 27th.

- Mrs. Susan Boyd